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Collaborating to catalyze equity in the workforce field.


Stay tuned for ongoing news and updates from us and our network of stakeholders, including important efforts of reentry programs across the nation, and what work is being conducted to change policies and advance the field of reentry workforce.


As a foremost offering to the field and our own membership community, NRWC provides thought leadership in the form of articles, webinars, video presentations, white papers, surveys and research, and more.  

Annual Conference

Each year, the NRWC Conference will bring together leading voices from the reentry-employment field, business leaders, practitioners, government representatives, advocates, and other stakeholders. The conference will be a launching pad for collaborations that will advance equity, elevate best practices, and promote fair chance hiring.

Thought Leadership Series

Our thought leadership series (TLS) webinar is one of our efforts to facilitate continuous learning in the field. Every quarter, NRWC convenes the field on one national platform to feature leading practices, policies, strategies, and approaches that are making great impact. Past sessions are published on our website.

Work Groups

In an effort to expand our shared understanding and address challenges in the field, groups of individuals from the NRWC Community and other stakeholders work together to find solutions to an issue or go deeper on a topic. Work groups are highly interactive, requiring participation from all volunteers to identify actionable solutions or recommendations.