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Collaborating to catalyze equity in the workforce field.

Membership with NRWC means being a part of a community of practice focused on supporting organizations in the workforce field that are committed to catalyzing equity and access for people impacted by the justice system.


NRWC provides a platform for you to get connected, learn from peers and experts, share resources, elevate successes, address challenges, and establish strategic partnerships with diverse membership organizations, practitioners, advocates, employers, and other stakeholders across the country. Members of NRWC come together for the shared purpose of building the field of reentry workforce to create more opportunities for people impacted by the justice system.


NRWC has been listening to your needs and the challenges in the field, and our offerings are driven by the three reentry workforce collaborative priorities ranked highest by the members: Employer Engagement, Program Improvement, and Collateral Consequences. With a consistent, targeted focus, NRWC and its members are collectively building a movement to have scalable impact.

Community of Practice (CoP): NRWC mobilizes a network of practitioners from different organizations working together (online and in-person) and sharing resources to enhance programs and inform policies to have large scale impact.

National Workgroups: An invitation to learn from and contribute to workgroups of purpose-driven stakeholders focused on collaborating to develop thoughtful and actionable solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the field. Work will be centered on NRWC’s three reentry workforce collaborative priorities. Resulting from this work, members will be positioned to take action and move the needle, shaping practice and policies and driving movement in the field.

Convenings: NRWC creates spaces for reentry workforce stakeholders to connect and learn from experts in the field and build strong relationships with partners in the work.
  • Thought Leadership Series (TLS): A webinar series that features leading practices, policies, strategies, and approaches that are making an impact in the field of reentry workforce. Priority is given to topics suggested by members. In addition to public webinars on a variety of reentry workforce topics, three webinars in each series will focus on members’ collaborative priorities, featuring expert insights into the topics identified as highest priority by the members.
  • Annual Conference: An event that brings together the most progressive program and organizational leaders in the field. The event features practices, policies, and strategies that are making system-wide impact, and the most effective solutions that address key barriers in the field. NRWC Members will receive a 20% discount off the regular conference registration rate and access to an e-packet of materials presented at the conference, whether they attended or not.

Field & Capacity Building Resources: NRWC provides services, resources, and tools to help member organizations build their capacity to enhance and sustain their program and serve participants.
  • Guide for Effective Employer Engagement: A resource that outlines effective strategies for employer engagement, and a process for identifying, supporting, and recognizing organizations that are implementing these strategies.
  • Reentry Workforce Building Blocks: A resource that shares knowledge, strategies, and tools to strengthen the quality of program delivery. This resource will help to orient new staff and refresh existing staff on the foundational knowledge of reentry workforce.
  • Solutions Guide: A resource that identifies and informs the field of the most common barriers faced by individuals reentering the workforce and solutions to address these needs. This resource will highlight resources, tools, and services that are addressing barriers faced by program participants, practitioners, and other stakeholders in the field. 

Reentry Certification helps reentry specialists and leaders develop baseline of competencies in implementing evidence informed principles in reentry programming. Members receive 25% discount off regular registration. NRWC provides a tiered membership fee structure to make it equitable and accessible to all interested organizations and individuals in the workforce reentry field. The tiers are based on the number of staff employed by an organization.  Membership benefits are available to all staff of the organizational member to encourage engagement and networking across the broad spectrum of stakeholders.

Visit our membership portal to learn about member types and how to  join