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Collaborating to catalyze equity in the workforce field.

NRWC was started by a group of workforce professionals who wanted something different. We desired more than what any one organization could do on its own to serve people who are impacted by the justice system. This desire to have a greater impact prompted some questions among our group.

What are some of the common challenges we face?

What if we created a space to learn from each other about what really works in our communities?

What if we serve as a feedback loop and provide this information to decision makers to shape practice and policies, allocate resources, and innovate solutions?

What could happen if practices, policies, and solutions were aligned with the assets and needs of our communities?


We believe strategic collaboration around the things that work can level the playing field for individuals who have been impacted by the justice system.

To have a vibrant economy, there must be equitable access to high-quality, evidence-informed workforce training that supports people seeking employment to position them to meaningfully contribute to their communities.


NRWC is committed to building the field of stakeholders and driving a national movement focused on advancing socio-economic mobility for people impacted by the justice system.