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Unlocking Success: How to start a Business Advisory Council (BAC)

Why launch a BAC? 

A Business Advisory Council (BAC) serves as a vital platform for businesses to convene regularly and provide valuable input on matters concerning their collective interests. 

Through a BAC, businesses can:

  • Provide insights on market trends and labor demands.
  • Tailor training programs to meet industry needs.
  • Advise on essential technical and employability skills.
  • Advocate for policy changes to enhance job access and career advancement.
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships for career pathways.
  • Support your organization’s mission extensively.

Depending on your objectives, a BAC can take on various structures, whether it’s strategic, tactical or committee-based.

Four steps for starting your BAC:

  1. Define a clear focus
  2. Outline a charter of operations
  3. Recruit the right people
  4. Implement the council

By following these steps, you can lay the foundation for a dynamic and impactful Business Advisory Council that drives innovation, fosters growth, and strengthens industry connections. 

View the NRWC Implementation Cheat Sheet

Recommendations to Strengthen the REO Program

This document outlines 10 recommendations for modernizing and strengthening the REO program to restore access to economic opportunity for people impacted by the criminal legal system. Strengthening and modernizing the Reentry Employment Opportunities Program is one critical element of the work necessary to restore rights and opportunities for millions of people and advance economic justice.

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Employer Engagement Toolkit

This Fair Chance Employer Engagement Training Guide is designed to train community-based job developers, program and organizational leaders in building long-term Fair Chance Hiring (FCH) relationships with employers. This document was created by the National Reentry Workforce Collaborative in partnership with reentry workforce practitioners possessing a collective 150 years of experience building FCH employer relationships. The content was also informed by data collected from surveys of (a) businesses that have varying levels of experience employing people who have been impacted by the justice system, and (b) frontline Job Developer staff of NRWC’s community-based partner organizations.

+ Download Training Guide

+ Download Toolkit

NRWC Partners with ACJI to Launch Reentry Specialist Certification Program

Are you part of the reentry workforce? If so, you’ve likely encountered the challenge of limited resources for specialized training. Recognizing this need, the NRWC has partnered with the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation (ACJI) to introduce the Reentry Specialist Certification Program.

Our goal is to cultivate a community of dedicated practitioners committed to professional growth and impactful results. By earning the certification, you contribute to reducing recidivism and improving lives within the justice system.

This program sets a standard of practice, aligning community reentry programs with evidence-informed principles. It empowers reentry specialists, case managers, and employment specialists with practical skills for effective evidence-based practices.

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