Practice Improvement 

NRWC is a trusted convener and a go-to source for guidance, resources, best practices, and information about reentry specific workforce development strategies. NRWC plays a critical role in practice improvement by advising grant-funded local and national organizations focused on providing holistic reintegration and workforce development services to returning citizens. Our programmatic work includes:

  • Hosting training and conferences where reentry specific workforce development practitioners build their knowledge and skills together.
  • Supporting a broad network of reentry/workforce development practitioners.
  • Providing technical assistance and improvement planning to reentry/workforce development organizations.
  • Supporting quality improvement with key partners such as  justice and community corrections agencies, employers and educational institutions. 
  • Developing evidence-based criteria to develop standards within the reentry/workforce field. 

System Change

The NRWC is committed to engaging in generative change that addresses racial and economic disparities in the workforce, especially those that affect returning citizens. We use our collective voice and reach to promote policies and practices that lead to a more inclusive workforce and economy that provides opportunities for both employer and worker success. Our system change work includes: 


  • Increasing equity and access to education and job training for people returning from incarceration that results in immediate employment with benefits and long-term career and wage growth. 
  • Engaging in collaborative work with partners to propose alternatives to expensive and ineffective justice policies that have damaged communities of color and limited   education and career opportunities. 
  • Advancing federal, state, and local efforts to provide resources and support to reentry and workforce services that address the needs of marginalized job seekers while helping local businesses, especially small and medium sized business, to hire and retain skilled talent. 

Thought Leadership

Through its broad based membership, NRWC is establishing itself as a national thought leader on reentry workforce development through the publication and promotion of papers, blog posts, and info-graphics highlighting our findings and recommendations for practice improvement, system change, and raising awareness and support beyond our field with pieces tailored to various influential audiences. NRWC is  a nationally recognized authority whose expertise is sought out for panel discussions, co-authorship, and public statements on the issues relevant to our mission.